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Hi, I’m Rosanna a Certified Nutrition Coach on a mission to encourage those over 60 to stay healthy and active.

I’ll help you make small, realistic tweaks to your everyday living, eating and exercise that will make a BIG difference as we chase grand kiddos.

Ditch the word “diet” – have the glass of wine!

And, along the way…  I’ll be sharing my love of active lifestyle, travel, fur babies, good food (super hot coffee) and, inspiring others to change the way we think about aging.

I’ll share my super simple (I really don’t cook-type) recipes, lifestyle, fitness, travel tips, hacks and, what it’s like to upgrade my nutrition education at Cornell / Stanford after 60.  It’s gonna be a good, good ride.

If you want or need more guidance as you enter this next stage of life, just reach out or, sign up for my newsletter.



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