Travel Addiction….Is this YOU?


Our good friend, Helene Eckstein of Spectrum Travel, is truly, like us, addicted to Travel – all kinds, all places!  We are members of “World’s  Most Traveled People”  and have had a contest for the past few years to see who could top the other.  Helene has found a few signs that portray travel addiction – see if any of these apply to you:

You know you are addicted to travel when:

  • You have memorized your passport number and all of your frequent flier numbers
  • You are planning another trip before finishing your current one
  • You give tourists directions in foreign cities
  • Your friends and strangers seek you out for travel advice
  • You suffer from depression if you do not have another trip booked
  • Flight attendants know your name
  • You have more frequent flier miles than on all of your vehicles combined
  • You spend at least 1 hour each day browsing travel blogs and FlyerTalk
  • You experience withdrawal if you wait too long between trips
  • 97% of your bucket list is travel related
  • You know the 3 letter airport codes of just about every city

If this comes close to describing you then you owe it to yourself (and partner)  to start planning your bucket list trips!!  Do not wait until the kids are out of school or the grandchildren get married – live for you!  Give us a call if you would like some help in planning your next trip.

Wheels Up!

xoxo, Rosanna
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