New York….A few more pics of my time strolling


The Harbor
9/11 Memorial & Museum
Reflecting Pools
White Rose left for a lost family member

The Phoenix
The “Stacked” Building
A City of Incredible Architecture
The Stunning Walk along the Harbor.
One if By land…Two if By Sea…

In New York on business and had a morning to soak up the city.  I’m always surprised by the emotion that hits when visiting the haunting reflecting pools and Memorial Tower.  I happened to walk by the pool as a family was placing a white rose by a loved ones name.  The pools (there are two) are endless walls of water that seem tumble from the top of the walls into a dark square hole at the bottom.  The backdrop to the pools is the huge rising phoenix in stark white contrast.  In spite of the many visitors to this area, the quiet is what you notice first.  People standing and paying tribute to those lost in the 9/11 attack.

I chose to stroll along the Harbor on the way back to the hotel (staying at the Battery Park Ritz – consistently amazing!) and was amazed at how tranquil and green these pathways are in the middle of a city that never sleeps.

After an afternoon of speaking, my first visit to a romantic spot in Greenwich Village called “One if by land…Two if by water”.  A beautifully restored historical building with candlelight, impeccable service and a lush side garden.  Try it when next you get to New York.  The food was as stunning and yummy as the surroundings.

What is your favorite spot in the City?

PS  Strictly as a side note……one thing you are NOT seeing here is the case of “BIG hair” I had while in the steamy, hot and humid city!!!!!  No one needs that to happen!

xoxo, Rosanna
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