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Road Trip – USA

Road Trip 2017

Well, the time has come…..Kendall’s first “traditional” Road Trip.  We chose some pretty classic monuments and parks to visit and were careful to properly initiate her into the Road Trip Food tradition as well.  So, here is our first in a series of Missy K’s first trip.  98 pounds of Twizzlers, Fritos in frighteningly large bags, something called a Rocky Road Bar (numerous individual bars of course), Granola Bars (and, NOT the healthy ones), Coke Zero (to cancel out ALL calories consumed, right? duh), GORP mix, Ring Pops (Kendall turned us on to these hideous sugar bombs) and water for the dog (if you know Dolce, the Frenchie with a bad tummy….you know she cannot participate).

We stopped at our first hotel (which, by the way had to be approved by Missy K for proper POOL atmosphere).  This was in the parking lot.  How perfect is this setup for kick off of our trip??!!!  Total USA / Americana, right?

When I grow up to be a Cowgirl, this may be my “ride”…..
xoxo, Rosanna
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