Devil’s Tower – 2017 Road Trip

Lots of this on way to Tower….

Missy K is a bit nervous about the dead Indian buried beneath the “feather” marker hanging in tree. Check out the look…


Legend has it that there were two young Indian girls playing in the forrest surrounding the Tower.  At the time, the Tower was just a few feet high.  A giant bear appeared and began to growl at the girls.  They prayed to the Gods to save them from the bear.  They ran and jumped onto the flat top of the Tower.  The Gods made the Tower rise straight up into the air.  The angry bear clawed at the rising Tower causing the vertical cuts into the rock that are visible today.

As you can see in a few of these photos, there are those brave souls who “free climb” this rock.  A ranger told us they “lose” a few each year.  I’m pretty happy staying at the base…..

xoxo, Rosanna
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