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Whether you need motivation for your business, to get on your health game, or to just live a better life all around, we have the secret ingredient you’ve been missing. Check out our most recent blog post written by Business Coach, Jessica Bodin, “Why Cleansing Helps Your Business (& How To Do It!)”


 If you’re feeling run down, stressed and not exactly your normal sunny self, I highly recommend you give cleansing a try. It isn’t a substitute for daily self care, eating well, managing your mindset, or asking for help in your life and business, but it’s a great “reset” button when you’re not feeling your best.

Has chocolate become a food group for you as you grow your business? *raises hand*

You’re not alone! Starting and growing your business can take a toll on you. There’s start up costs, ongoing investments, monthly operational needs, time management, boundary building and non-stop learning.

It’s no wonder that the majority of Boss Babes let sleep, exercise, time to relax and a healthy diet fall to the wayside as you put your blood, sweat and tears into getting your business off the ground (and flying high!). If you’re feeling like you’re running on an empty tank, you’re going to love this.

I’ve done cleanses in the past for purely medical reasons. When I say cleanse, I don’t mean starvation, only drinking lemon juice or any of that craziness. I mean a medical cleanse given to me by my Doctor to pin point foods that were triggering my migraines.

What I discovered, aside from getting a hold on my migraines, was that the cleanse my Doc had me on completely LIFTED my spirits.

I was smiling often. I had a ridiculous amount of energy and tended to look on the bright side of every circumstance. Sounds like a lot of pretty juicy stuff, right?

As I’m sure you know, when you feel good you often…

  • Make empowered choices (less fear!)
  • Assume the best about people and situations
  • Have increased energy to create new things and step out of your comfort zone
  • Shake off negativity and limiting beliefs with greater ease
  • Connect easier with others, which is crucial for a healthy business

Upon the realization that changing the way I eat and detoxing can actually transform my mindset, I was hooked. For me, it ends up looking like showing up on Facebook Lives, new content creation, inspirational posts and sales from a place of power.

If you’re sitting there wondering, what the heck is a cleanse? What does it look like in real life? Not only if you’re Beyonce or trying to drop 20 pounds in three days.

Literally, a cleanse is to “rid of impurities by or as if by washing.” (Merriam Webster) You’re helping your body’s natural detox pathways to release things that probably shouldn’t have been there in the first place. For instance, the many chemicals we find in our food, drinking water and the products we put on our body. Gross much?

Cleansing was practiced by many ancient cultures, a few being: The Romans, Greek, Indian and Native American Cultures. In Ayurveda, a traditional system of medicine in India, cleansing often happens with the changing of the seasons. Techniques vary from oil pulling, dry brushing, elimination diets, mineral baths, castor oil packs and more.

When I cleanse, a few things are important to me:

  1. I make sure to give myself time to rest and feel everything I’m going to feel during the first few days. When you’re initially detoxing, you may find yourself releasing buried emotions that may or may not be easy to process.
  2. I buy all of the food ahead of time, week by week, until the cleanse is over. I also food prep so I have things simple and easy to grab over items I’m avoiding during that time period. I love to chop up various raw vegetables for snacking.
  3. I put my focus on how I desire to feel, rather than the food or drinks I’m not consuming. It can be easy to get discouraged or frustrated, especially if you’re used to eating a Standard American Diet. Confession…Margaritas are the hardest thing for me to kick to the curb during a cleanse. This girl enjoys her watermelon Marg!

If you’re feeling run down, stressed and not exactly your normal sunny self, I highly recommend you give cleansing a try. It isn’t a substitute for daily self care, eating well, managing your mindset, or asking for help in your life and business, but it’s a great “reset” button when you’re not feeling your best.

Curious about what exact cleanses I do? I alternate between two favorites. I not only address my diet, but I also love to soak in the tub with Epsom salts and get out in the fresh air.

Standard Process has an effective cleanse, but you need the help of a Naturopath or Wellness Doctor to gain access to the shakes and supplements. They’re all medical grade, which makes a difference to me. If you’re interested in that route, check out this list to find a Doctor in your area.

If want something you can do yourself without having to buy supplements (although it can be helpful), then I suggest giving The Spa Dr.’s cleanse a try. Her book is a must get with tons of recipes and DIY treatments. Her specialty circles around healthy, glowing skin, but her cleanse supports the whole body.

What do you think? Would you give it a try? Let me know in the comments sections below, Gorgeous. 

Cheering you on,


*Disclaimer: The information in this post is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. You are encouraged to confirm any information obtained from or through this post with other sources, and review all information regarding any medical condition or treatment with your physician. 


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