Why You Get Overwhelmed And How To Stop It!

Feeling Overwhelmed?  How To Stop It!


Your to-do list is a mile long. And, you keep adding and adding more things to it. Wait, you lost the to-do list. OK, starting over. New to-do list. There’s more stuff than you can fit into a normal day while taking care of your kiddos, managing your household and building a kick butt biz FOR SURE. Rinse and repeat this process.

Sound familiar, Lovely?

Overwhelm is one of the most common “stop signs” I see for Women in business. Heck, I’ve been overwhelmed many a time before! And, it won’t be the last time. (But I have a plan of attack now, ya’ see)

From having access to incredible examples of Women who are CRUSHING it and still being the boss babe they desire to be, I’ve come to some conclusions about how to navigate overwhelm effectively. And, of course, from my own person trial and error. ?

How to kick overwhelm to the curb

Overwhelm is a way your subconscious mind likes to pump the brakes for you. Let me guess…lots of movement forward happening for you? Lots of great ideas and things you’d like to create? Are you ready for the next big step in your biz?

That right there is a recipe for overwhelm to show up. Why? Because the things that stop us show up when, well, we have movement forward TO stop!

Here’s how I like to dig into 1) Why I’m feeling overwhelmed, 2) How that’s trying to serve me, and 3) What needs to happen to pull me out of that negative space.

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Why Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?

This may seem obvious, but it’s often a cover for deeper fears and limiting beliefs. Yes, you have too much to do, and you can’t “possibly” do it. Remember that long as heck to-do list? BUT, the real reason you may be overwhelmed is because you feel like you have to be perfect. And, if you do anything that is less-than-perfect, you’ll fail. Hence, why everything seems so monumentally critical to complete “just right” before you move on to the next thing.

And, you could have a fear of failure. So, you stack on everything but the kitchen sink to compensate for doing the single thing you know might actually work (but could possibly NOT work).

Or, you have so many good ideas and creations in the works (and you can’t pick just one), but the real truth is that you’re afraid to stick to one thing and see it through. Because change is uncomfortable. And so is seeing one piece of the puzzle through to the end.

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Getting the bigger picture? Overwhelm isn’t the root cause, it’s a symptom of an underlying belief. It’s how your brain is trying to keep you safe.

How Is It Trying To Serve Me?

Fear of failure is a big underlying belief that often crops up when I’m trying to get out there and do something new. I combat it often!

So, when overwhelm hits me, it’s because if I get out there and actually do those things…will I fail? Could I fail? And, that would feel like death to my subconscious mind.

Our “critter” brains, as Elizabeth Purvis likes to call it, are hard wired to resist change. Back in the day, change and things out of the normal routine could truly cause death. Our brain hasn’t exactly caught up to the fact that we aren’t being chased by tigers or other predators.

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So, anything out of your comfort zone can potentially mean death. So, if your subconscious mind is trying to keep you alive, for goodness sakes, it knows that throwing up overwhelm will stop you.

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How are YOUR underlying beliefs trying to serve you? Don’t stop there, though. The next piece of this is choosing what you want to believe! And, taking inspired action.

Pulling Out Of That Negative Space

You’re probably thinking, “This is all great, Jess, but how do I actually squash my feeling of overwhelm?”. I gotcha’, Girl.

First off, you need to decide how you actually want to feel. You know overwhelm sucks and isn’t working. What do you want instead?

Why we get overwhelmed Mompreneur

Then, when you’ve identified how you DO want to feel, you ask, “What is the inspired action that I want to take from THAT place?”.

For example, if I want to feel powerful, inspired and joyful in my business, I may decide to tackle the piece of my to-do list that allows me to express myself through design, or creating a free resource, or a training.

If you’re not sure what to do first, pick something small and knock it out. Then pick the next thing, and knock that out. Create momentum. It feels oh-so-good! All the while keeping your desired feelings in mind.

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I like to crank my music wayyyy up loud, open the windows (if it’s not a gazillion degrees outside – Thanks, El Nino) and have some Bullet Proof Coffee next to my lap top.

So, to sum it all up, there are three parts to consider when wanting to step out of overwhelm. And, yes, it is a choice.

  1. Identify the underlying reason why overwhelm is showing up
  2. Identify how it’s trying to serve you (that belief)
  3. Pull out of that negative space by deciding how you want to feel instead and taking inspired action

You’ve got this, Gorgeous! I’d love to hear from you. When does overwhelm show up for you? And, what’s the biggest thing that helps you with it?

xoxo, Rosanna
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