Time To Get Serious! (aka….possible death)

Okay, so…..too much summer travel…..loosely translated….waaaayyy too much food and drink.  So, I’m working with this genetically perfect trainer (JWM Fitness – Judy) to try and reign it in a bit.  I’ve had a few trainers in my time (112 years and counting) and, loved her cute personality, killer Brit accent and incredible knowledge base.  She’s a Fitness Champion, Product Affiliate…….it goes on and on.

I’ve been in her program now for ONE whole week and am not certain whether I’m still breathing – checking with close friends and family.  Today kicks off week 2…….I’m still crawling and sweating….so, I’m gonna say I survived today’s gym workout.  She’s great about  understanding where I am and how I can get where I want to go!  There are also Meal Plans and Nutritional help.  I guess I’ve learned that Wine is NOT a food group……wow!  And, I suspect neither is that nice dark chocolate Dr. Oz pitched to us……letter to NBC to follow!

So, I’ll keep ya posted on my progress.  If you were thinking I’d be putting my pic up here…….not a chance in Hell with her on the same page!  Understandable, right???  Maybe in a few weeks when her magic takes hold….if I’m not dead or sitting in a corner blowing bubbles.

As soon as I figure out how to share my workouts, I will get them posted.  Here were my “old” workouts….I thought they were SOOOOOO challenging……okay…..not loading…..have to call in the experts…..


xoxo, Rosanna
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