3 Big Reasons You Shouldn’t Be An Entrepreneur……

There are certain personality characteristics and desires that serve people well in the role of “Entrepreneur”. Among these are bravery, determination, resourcefulness and the desire for complete freedom. (I would be remiss if I didn’t say “insanity”, right?!)

But what happens when we all start thinking that being an Entrepreneur is the only way? The only RIGHT way to operate in this life? That somehow being an employee is dirty or wrong?

Well, we stop having big, successful companies that give jobs to the masses. Movements only go so far with one person running the show and no one supporting them. Business can only grow to the extent that its leaders’ capabilities allow, without the help of outside resources. Those can come in the form of employees, contract workers, mentors and consultants (to name a few).

One of my desires as an Entrepreneur is to create jobs for other passionate Women. BUT, those passionate Women can’t be a replica of myself. How would that work? They would be miserable in their work if all they desired was the role of an Entrepreneur.

So, I’ve compiled a list of the top three reasons you SHOULDN’T be an entrepreneur.

Reason 1 – You love consistency and predictability

Actually you don’t love it, you need it. You tend to work well on a rigid schedule and under a set list of expectations. You’re a model employee, and every boss you’ve had praises how meticulous, methodical and consistently you produce results.


Now, this is not to say that those qualities can’t be adapted towards the creative expedition of Entrepreneurship, but if one of your core DESIRES is predictability…you may just hate being in the place of uncertainty that being an Entrepreneur can bring.

Going out on your own and creating something new takes living on the edge of uncertainty. You’re holding hands with the unknown, and, in fact, you may even crave the risk.

Reason 2 – You don’t want to sacrifice anything that you’re currently experiencing for something new

Being an Entrepreneur requires sacrifice. You can’t build your business and still spend 100% of your time playing with your kids. You can’t hold onto the limiting belief that other people create your success (or failure). You have to let go of old stories that say you’re not good enough to be a wildly abundant Woman.

If your cup is full, and you’re not willing to empty out the things that don’t serve you, you won’t have enough space for the tools needed to move forward as an Entrepreneur. Does that make sense? 


To be truthful, staying in the same exact experience over and over again can be painful. We are made to grow, create and expand. If you’re stagnant in growth, whether in a job or as the owner of your own business, it’s out of alignment with your very nature.

And, growth takes sacrifice. So, if you’re squirming in your seat at the idea of letting go of ANYTHING in your current experience, building your own business might not be for you.

Reason 3 – You aren’t willing to invest in yourself

A flower takes water and sunshine. A car needs gasoline. Your body requires food. All of these things are, essentially, investments in the well-being and function of the item in question. When you water your house plants, or the tomato plant in your backyard, you’re banking on its growth. That it will flourish and produce something, even if that is only the joy of looking at it and benefiting from its oxygen making properties.

Being an Entrepreneur is similar. There are certain things that a business needs to grow. And, as a Woman in business, you may not be accustomed to investing in yourself. Or even taking care of your basic needs to their fullest expression.


How many times have you put your needs last in place of someone else’s? Are your toes rarely painted, you only get your hair done once a year (or never) and you struggle buying those $15 shorts from Target?

As an Entrepreneur, certain tools, knowledge and resources are essential to your growth and success. If you’re unwilling, or have zero desire, to put OUT in order to receive, you may not be in the greatest position to be a business builder. For instance, if you’re ready to grow, you may want to invest time in a free sales course.  

Here’s the good news.

No one starts out one hundred percent READY and perfectly suited for…well, any job. There’s a learning curve no matter if you’re beginning a position with a new employer, of if you’re starting your own yoga studio.

One of the main differences is that you have a safety net with an employer, granted you perform the expected duties with a certain level of competency. The rule book gets thrown out the moment you step into business for yourself.

If you resonated with a few of the reasons why you shouldn’t be an Entrepreneur, but one of your deepest desires is to own your own business, don’t let anything stop you.

You CAN change your experience. You CAN decide to overcome any resistance or misalignment to your success. You’re expanding all of the time, and you get to decide what that change looks like. We grow in the challenging places.

xoxo, Rosanna
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