3 Areas To Raise Your Standards


If you raise your standards in these 3 areas, you will dramatically improve your life:


  1.  Health.  I think we’ve all said, “This is going to be the year I get in the best health of my life”?  If not, this is the year to do it.  Improve your health and becoming happier and more energized and effective happens almost automatically.  Raise your standards on how much you sleep and how well you eat and take care of yourself.
  2. Focus.  Distraction is stealing our lives.  Get more focused on what you want in this hour, this day, this life.  Bring awareness to what you want to be doing at this very moment.  Put the phone down.  Turn off the computer.  Be more aware and spot your distractions.
  3. Joy.  Do you expect that you’re going to have fun today?  Better yet, be the person who brings joy and fun to others every day.  Joy is a choice not an accident.  Bring it on!

Crush your day!




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