5 Steps to MORE Success

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We hear the word “success” bandied about quite a bit these days.  What does it mean to you and, how can you achieve it?  Here are a couple of points to consider as you think about this topic and your pursuit.

5 Steps to More Success:

  1.  Become more aware of what you really desire.  “Because sometimes, the busy work that you have in your life isn’t your life’s work.
  2. Develop competence in the area you wish to succeed in.  “The great artists had a true level of depth in only one area.”
  3. Be more committed. “Today, being committed means getting rid of distractions.”
  4. Get coaching or recurrent and intense feedback. “Who is saying, “Hey, kid, you need to try this thing instead?”
  5. Be more congruent. ” To get ahead, we must constantly be our best selves.”



xoxo, Rosanna
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