Should You Be Using Social Media to Grow Your Biz?

In case you are new around here (Hi and Welcome new pal!), I work with entrepreneurs and online business professionals.  I get to chat with a lot of people every week (don’t think for a moment I’m whining…..I live for the chat!)  and hear one question several times each day.

Wait for it…….

Social Media and, do I really need to be a part of it?!  It’s SO overwhelming.

Sound familiar?

I used to feel the same exact way. I assumed that social media was the key to growing my revenue, creating more engagement, and building a stronger brand.

But it took me forever to create new posts each week, and after a bit, I finally asked myself:

Is social media even worth it?

Whether you think social media is the most important part to a growing business or you’d prefer never again to utter the word “Tweet”, you’re in the right spot.

In this post, I’m going to share….

  •  My opinions and experiences with using social media as a community and business-building tool
  • What social media CAN do, but why it’s not the “end all, be all”
  • How to choose your platforms and how they work best for you and your audience

Ultimately, my goal here is to make sure you’re intentional and focused on the right things that will grow your business and community more quickly, rather than focusing on tasks that feel more like treading water…in a vat of mud…in a Cat 5 hurricane!

Okay…..let’s get to it.




Sort of.

When I joined the blogging world a few years ago, things were already starting to evolve and change.

At that time, Instagram had barely picked up steam, Snapchat was unpopular, Periscope and Facebook Live didn’t exist and, Pinterest was in Beta.

There was a lot LESS social media out there, so blog comments reigned supreme and Twitter was honestly where the part was….

The difference?  Most of the biggest social media sites only grew in popularity over the past few years.  And video only recently made its big debut.

This caused a whole bunch of overwhelm and “hamster” syndrome because so many new things popped up at once.  It went a little something like this…

I should be on Instagram?  Cool…looks fun…done!

Oh, and Facebook groups are in?  You know I’m there!

And Pinterest isn’t just for recipes (you may recall I’m a teeny bit challenged in that room:) Okay, I can do that too!

Oh, and live video is blowing up?  Well, I look like HELL and have toothpaste on my shirt but ABSOLUTELY!

I think you get the idea.

With everything happening at once, it made us start to feel like we needed to BE everywhere at once too, without ever considering whether that was really the truth.

I mean, it’s hard to say no when everyone you know and admire has already hopped on the next platform, warning you that if you are not an early adopter, you’ll get left in the dust!

And you’re sitting there like, “OMG FOMO I don’t want to get left behind!”

*This could have been just me……

So, DO you need to be on EVERY platform?  Spending hours per week on social media?

Heck NO.

Here’s why:  as social media has become more intoxicating, people have started to crave authenticity more and more.  To me, this is why live video is becoming SO popular.  It’s REALLY hard to hide behind a perfectly tailored Instagram photo when you’re on camera LIVE!

So…..rather than being on EVERY platform, go really deep on 1 or 2 so that your audience gets to know and trust you and your brand.

Find your core social media platforms and go hard on those instead.  It may even be just one you’re active on.  Doing that is far better than spending weeks feeling frazzled and fake as you craft social media personalities that feel automated.


A few thoughts…

  1.  Where is your audience hanging out most?

This seems obvious, but it’s true.  If you’re building a business, then you have to get over the hump of only wanting to use social media platforms that you feel comfy working on. Whether or not Snapchat is around next year or not, you are still building skills you can use on another platform to access the clients you are trying to reach.

Bottom Line: Don’t go hard on a platform just because YOU enjoy it.  Do it because you’re invested in creating a community for your audience too.

2.  Incorporate Video.

Some people HATE video.  I get that.  I get a little freaked out too.  We just need to work through it.

But whether you love it or hate it, video is the evolution of digital content, and at this point, it’s hard to prove them wrong.

So, when trying to figure out which platform to hop on full force, think about which one accommodates video in a way that is comfy (or close) for you.

Some ideas:

Facebook Live

Instagram stories


Twitter’s Live

3.  Which platform accentuates your brand?

If you’re a graphic designer, Twitter may not be your best bet.  But Instagram or Snapchat might work since they are more visual.

It’s not only about your preference, but also about which platform brings out the best of your brand.

Bottom Line:  Concentrate on those platforms you feel best represent your brand.  Don’t go “cold turkey” with all of them….but, try to focus on the 1 or 2 that work best.


Here is my take on it…

Social Media CAN help you grow your list and sell more product or services.

But, the MAIN goal should be to connect and engage with your audience. Period.  Build community and humanize your brand, rather than ways to directly convert someone into a customer.


Social Media can be a fabulous tool for showing YOU and your personality and the wonderful community you can create for your brand.

But it is NOT AN EMAIL LIST.  If the magical world of Social Media went away tomorrow, would you have a method of getting ahold of any of your current fans?  Exactly!



xoxo, Rosanna
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