Speaking in Belgrade, Serbia!


Had an amazing experience in Serbia this last week.  The Serbian people are welcoming, kind and curious.  The week was filled with both new friends and those with whom we’d worked years ago.  The food was SOOOO good and they introduced me to something dangerous called “Rakija” (pronounced “rocky”).  It a sort of brandy that comes in a few flavors……apricot was the weapon of choice this week:)  One was scary……..anything more was taking your life in your hands!


The Old City of Belgrade

Farmer’s Market – A weekly event by the Sava River

Amazing Architecture

They LOVE Elvis and Frank Sinatra!

Coolest entry to a garden in the middle of town!

These “washing” stations are all over the city

This little guy was really performing! I wanted to bring him home.

Love this installation in the middle Main Street

The food at the Manufaktura restaurant was amazing.  Stay tuned……

P.S.  I will also include the “death defying” cocktail I referred to in this blog:)  I lived to tell about it!


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