My recent biz trip to Serbia was definitely a “foodie” experience!  We kicked off the first night in this amazing restaurant, Manufktura in Old Town Belgrade.  Forgive the slightly “hazy” photo…..don’t know if, after ONE apricot Rakija, I was out of focus or …….let’s just leave it there:)

Meat is the main feature in Serbia.  Who knew you could order so many varieties….EVERYTHING is fabulous!  We arrived around 7:30 pm – you can see that we were the “early birds”.  The restaurant filled up around 9:30 and at 1:30 am as we staggered toward the front door the music was blaring and the rowdy group still eating.  NOTE:  As someone who has never smoked I should share that there are no smoking rules in this part of the world……contact lens wearers beware!!  I had “Devil Eyes” in just under an hour.

So, here are a few snaps from one of the truly FUN nights in Serbia.

Not to belabor a point but…the pretty but dangerous Rakija (they serve it in a silver bowl of ice)…am I still standing???
Thanks to every one of these troublemakers for the food tour!


This bread is baked daily in the restaurant AND the whipped butter is sweet and highly-addictive……why didn’t those pants fit???? hmmmmm

You might guess that the ultimate BLOAT sets in about 7 hours after eating….this little challenge was met with, of course, lunch the next day!  OOPS…


xoxo, Rosanna
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