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Monterosso….On a Mission to locate DaEraldo Restaurant and Mar

Some friends told us we had to go to the DaEraldo restaurant!  We would know we were close when we reached the “black & white” striped church.  Well, anyone who knows me at all knows I have a serious addiction to stripes!  So…..back on the train…..this time just 8 minutes to the next village.

We found it!!! If I could design a church…this is EXACTLY what I would do with it….love, love, love the design inside as well. Bravo!
Notice the detail in the top window and the delicate beading effect around the door….swoon….
Braving possible “lightening” from Heaven, I went in… the stripey columns and arches….
Again, lit most of these votives…..remember, I attended Parochial School and know you have to schmooze a bit…..

We sat outside….perfect night…amazing wine…fabulous seafood….great chats with neighboring tables. I want to live here.
The ceiling was this amazing brick work…
The outdoor seating was charming and simple. We were there feasting for 3 hours and there were STILL people waiting to get in when we waddled across the way for some Lemoncello!

Again, lots of this local wine consumed…strictly in a “quality checking” kind of way….
A trip across the street to Enoteca da Eliseo was mandatory to taste homemade Lemoncello. Notice it’s “white/clear” as opposed to “yellow” like here in the States.

While tasting this fabulous potion, we met some Newlyweds who, after waiting a year to actually go on their honeymoon were somewhat frustrated that the groom’s dad had decided to come with……..I told her to keep drinking!  Wisdom, right?

Back on the train to Vernazza.  Next up…..Riomaggiore….

xoxo, Rosanna
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