We thought we’d squeeze in one more of the villages on our last day.  Back to the train and off to another adventure!

I notice I’m a little bit more excited about the train when my “orca” luggage, tote and camera bag are not required to go along!
A tunnel from the train station to the boardwalk into town.

All of the villages are comprised of these narrow alleys going down to the harbors.
Direct shot to the harbor. Reminds me of those scary movies where you go down into a dark passageway…….lucky me….no creature!

Local mafia….just kidding…these guys were here…..
Worked up an appetite climbing all those stairs…..up to the top for more local wine and food…..

Cutest “chillers” ever…..small plastic totes with lots of ice…
Do you notice a pattern here???
xoxo, Rosanna
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