The Vineyard Tomasetti


The last stop in our trip through Italy was a small, organic vineyard in Santa Croce, Italy.  Giuseppe Tomasetti, an International Law Attorney in an earlier day, bought this villa and the vineyard surrounding it 13 years ago.  The villa was built in 1558 and was quite a mess when he acquired the property.  The top “story” had literally collapsed and the grounds were in disarray.  Needless to say, Nancy Tomasetti his wife was not happy about the purchase.

Renovations began that same year and the beautiful home has been restored.  In 2005, he replanted the entire vineyard with a single grape varietal (this grape is from Gironde, Italy) – Merlot.  His vineyards now spread across neighboring acreage.

Chinese “hand” Lemons. Giuseppe has a grouping of these interesting trees.
Fermentation vats or tanks
Original “bottle fillers” looked like this one. The modern-day
This old church towers over the vineyard
These containers are used to “age” the wine
Tasting Room
Original patina in the Tasting Room was left in place during the restoration.
The Villas is surrounded by vines

Guiseppe Tomasetti


xoxo, Rosanna
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