Stop A Stress-Out in 3 Steps

Things move quickly these days.  What an understatement, right?  With work, family, friends, social commitments and impending holidays…’s no wonder that every once in a while you wake up feeling like a hot mess!  Paralyzed?  Anxiety-ridden about the next “whatever” you need to be doing in life or work?

Well, you can reel it in and get back in the saddle.  You CAN feel better and do better.  Shake it off and shine!

Do it today. Do it tomorrow.  Keep doing it.  It’s a choice.  It’s a journey.  You’ve got this!

Rather than dulling your senses with a slab of pumpkin pie or the triple-chocolate whipping coffee thing…..try these steps.

1.  Take Time – think “What is really going on here?”
I think, at times, we allow those old beliefs or stories of inadequacy/fear/insecurity to completely run amok making us feel they are true.  Take time to question and take a step back.  See those thoughts for what they really are…….take a deep breath and move forward.

2.  Change Things Up
I use this technique all of the time.  If I’m having a tough time coming up with a solution for a client or for some new business concept, I’ll take a break and go to the gym or run.  It works EVERY time.  I can see more clearly, I can run solutions through my head.  It’s the change of location and setting that does it.  Give it a try…..
If you cannot change your surroundings, change the atmosphere or the lighting or the music.  Open a window.  Small moves such as these can jar the spider webs just enough!

3.  Stop Feeding the Black Thing in the Closet
I will often run something bothering me over and over and over… get the idea, right?!  I overthink it’s color, it’s edges, it’s texture…until it becomes huge and overwhelming.  Anyone else here???
I’m a “fixer” and love it when things work and I solve them.  But, you can freak out expending too much energy running the concern around in your mind.  You must decide when to cut the “processing” out.  Decide if the “concern” is valid, decide whether it make a huge difference in your business or life.  Do you have control over it?  If not, put it back in the box and kick butt!

On those days when you wake up in Warrior Goddess mode, do the BIG stuff and do a lot of it!  Get the new patient, new customer, new website design……go for the world takeover.  You’ve got this!

Let me know what helps YOU get through the “slug” days – share in comments.

Crush Your Day!  Rosanna xo

xoxo, Rosanna
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