Booooo! at the shiny, new CCC Clubhouse


Happy Halloween!

We attended the Scary Scavenger Hunt at Columbine Country Club this year with Wonder Woman and snagged a tour of the shiny, new Clubhouse (two years in the making)!  It’s stunning and made for a great haunted house with goodies and treats hiding in dark, spider-webbed rooms…..but, one needs some energy and a treat bag before the big hunt.

Smile powered by 25 pounds of frosting, sprinkles, candy and chocolate for cookie construction.

This is the “hurry up and take the pic….I need to eat!”

Our Superhero approaches the new Clubhouse…….scanning with her “high powered laser” vision for bad guys…..

Whip in hand in front of the fountain entrance…….

Each “hunter” had their own personal book of clues…….let the sugar high begin!!!!  I’m at the bar getting a tumbler sized glass of Champagne……

And…….mic down…..ultimate sugar crash!  After two hours of running with the other Superheros and eating her body weight in trash…..our warrior is ready for emergency evacuation!

Be safe and have the SCARIEST Halloween!

xoxo, Rosanna
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