Museum of Science and Nature / Phipps Planetarium….


Excitement at the entry to the Museum…..

Missy K has always been sensitive to sound (hence the hand over one ear) but, just had to feed the “fundraiser” lion some money to make it scream!  Terror for a good cause.

The highlight was a stuffed giraffe that had a “soft pump” heart and an “artery” running up to it’s head.  You had to manually “pump” the heart and watch to see if you could get the blood up to the giraffe’s head.  I think I killed it twice…..

Of course, you must have a Giraffe heart in a jar for proper “gore” factor!  Every kid there had to walk by and do the big “ewwwwwww  gross” thing!

By fanning a large “wing” you could see what it took to power some of the large birds in flight.

Another big hit…..fossil dig.  The kids actually chipped away at the sand until these bones surfaced.  The official “professor” coats and glasses were an option.

I loved this little “devil”……

At the Virtual Reality Space Ride.  Missy K straining to get last minute instructions for all Astronauts.  Virtual reality goggles and movement of the ride made this “scream” worthy!

Without further delay we went on to the Planetarium for a tour of Black Holes in outer space.  Missy K was convinced that we would NOT make it back for Halloween.

xoxo, Rosanna
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