Actionable Biz Tips


Work These In Right Now:


  1.  Listen to your gut.  I cannot say enough about this….anytime I do something against that “gut feeling” – I end up in misery!  Don’t do it.  Pay attention to your gut feeling.

2.  Be fully engaged.  Put your phone on “silent” – close your door so you have privacy – don’t answer email.  Just do ONE thing at a time.  PS.  I’m the WORST at this!

3.  Live in the moment.  Again, full concentration on whatever you’ve chosen to do at the moment.  Don’t worry about tomorrow or the meeting in an hour.

4.  Behave as though you are the BEST in the world at whatever you do!  You ARE:)

5.  Define your own success.  Don’t measure your success by someone else’s yardstick.

6.  Be “ok” with uncertainty.  Not everything goes as planned….clients don’t always do what you think they should….not everyone loves your post.  It’s ok.

7.  Take action.  Just do it!  Sorry, but I think NIKE said it best.

8.  Express yourself.  Let people know who you are and what you do!  I’m the worst at the Houdini thing…just tell me…period.

9.  Be you.  Not what someone (anyone) thinks you should be.

10.  Live a good life!  Enjoy your friends and family.  Don’t be too busy!


What words of wisdom do you use to stay on track???

xoxo, Rosanna
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