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Be a “Sparker”


I think professionals that have experienced team sports or military service recognize and use the term “leader”.  We perceive “leaders” as “bosses” or “owners” of businesses.   But leader can be about something other than positional authority.  It’s about behaviors.  These leadership behaviors are exhibited by individuals referred to as “Sparks”.

A Spark is a doer, thinker an innovator whose unique approach to create problem-solving betters the lives of others.  Their actions can directly shape their future, and they can make things better.  Sparks demonstrate the following behaviors to obtain the results they desire.

Character.  Being aware of your values enables you to direct your life and to lead others authentically.  Take some time to carefully consider your values and clarify how they can better guide you.

Credibility.  This is the key to leadership and grows when others know they can count on you because your words match your actions.

Accountability.  When challenges arise, are you a part of the problem and accepting responsibility?

Service.  Make certain your work pals have what they need insofar as tools, talents and experience.  This helps to establish trust.

Confidence.  Confidence is the belief that you can succeed at the task at hand.  Watch your internal dialogue when you are faced with obstacles.  As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.”

xoxo, Rosanna
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