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Travel, particularly the flights, is never easy. Whether it’s the airport hassle, the security lines or the flight itself, there are ways to minimize stress. Here are a few things I have found that make my travel experiences a bit easier.   I hope they help you too!

Airport    Just getting to the airport and finding a parking space can be difficult. My suggestion is to use a car service or Uber / Lyft. If you do drive yourself, check to see if there is any way to reserve a spot either on site or off. If offsite parking is used, make sure they have frequent shuttle service. The whole idea is to arrive somewhat relaxed.

Security    I thought that TSA Pre was the perfect thing to have and then I was introduced to Clear Wow, what a time and stress saver – combine Clear and TSA Pre and you will sail through security. Seriously, in Denver I am never more than 5 minutes from the time I get in line until I am heading to the Terminal train.

Flight    Select your seat in advance and check in on line as soon as it opens. These 2 things alone will minimize your chances of being bumped plus you can most likely avoid the dreaded middle seat!

I try to avoid checking bags if at all possible – my go to bag is the Rimowa International carry on. It meets all of the requirements for both US and foreign carriers for overhead storage. I can do a 7-10 day trip with this and my personal small duffle that easily slips under the seat in front of me.

On board I am wrapped in Big Red – the perfect soft comfy wool coat that will keep me warm ( I am always cold on planes! ). I also have a pashmina made from silk and cashmere that always is available. My phone, tablet and chargers are within easy reach and there is usually a bag of almonds in my carryon. On my feet are a pair of Rothy slip ons and there is another pair in my bag   I usually wear jeans, tights with a long top or workout pants.


             Disclaimer   I always try to fly business or first class on flights over 2-3 hours. From Denver, all Europe and Asia flights are more than 10 hours – frankly,  flying long distances makes me crabby without a lie flat seat. If one is selective and books in advance these flights – both domestic and International – are not that much more expensive. Making good use of miles and points for flights and upgrades makes life that much easier. There are over 100 websites, bloggers, etc that will show you how to fly up front. Start with

What are your faves?


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