I LOVE Travel!


You know that I love to travel – anyplace, anytime!

I love the thrill of getting on a plane and disembarking in an exotic spot. What I don’t like is the hassle of packing for each trip. I have developed a few tricks that make this a little bit easier. I try to pack everything in my trusty Rimowa International carry on. I will admit that I pack somewhat differently if I am combining business and pleasure. Any trip that will require somewhat formal dress immediately requires checked bags.

My first rule is that I always keep a separate small bag for my cosmetics, bath, hair products, dental care, etc packed in my luggage. This is religiously replenished after every trip and placed back in my luggage!

Packing cubes or bags are a must. A place for everything and everything in its place. These make life on the road very easy. Eagle Creek and Away have great ones – click on images below.

Plan ahead so that you are wearing your bulkiest clothes and heavier shoes. On a long flight, the shoes will come off and the heavier clothes will keep you toasty. Try to coordinate all of your clothes so you can mix and match as you go – 2 tops and 2 different pants gives you 4 outfits. Add a scarf or accessorize with jewelry, belts, etc and it may be limitless!

Pack your heaviest items at the bottom of your suitcase – towards the wheels. Ideally, you want your suitcase packed as tight as possible.

Pick shoes that go with multiple outfits. My general rule is no more than 2 pair plus my very light weight running shoes.

Some swear by rolling clothes others lay them out. If I have folded items I wrap them in plastic wrap from my dry cleaning – minimal wrinkling.

I tend to live out of my suitcase ( except for hanging items ) – unless it is more than a week in one place. My S/O unpacks everything as soon as we arrive. We both survive!

Please share any of your packing tips with us. Travel Well




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