7 Tips To Battle Junk Food

7 Tips To Battle Junk Food!


I a huge fan of keeping ALL foods “good”.  No food should be labeled bad or off-limits however, we just FEEL and function better when we chose healthier fuel for our bodies.  As someone who still drinks (guzzles) diet coke and binges on Fritos (originals), I can attest that eating better foods helps me perform at a higher level.  I don’t think eating “clean” is EVER easy no matter how disciplined you are!

To that end, here are a few of my favorite tips to help you slide into consistent, clean eating……….(maybe after the holidays…..or Valentines Day……):

1.  Don’t get too hungry (translation: HANGRY)!   The key to making healthy choices is to keep yourself satisfied with good food so you don’t get to the point of eating EVERYTHING and ANYTHING!  (We’ve all been there….)

2.  Get rid of temptation!  Everything in moderation….but, if cookies are your weakness, throw them out.  Keep your pantry/fridge full of quick and easy good foods.

3.  Prepare.  Ok, I am not the greatest at “prepping” tons of meals/foods……at least prepare a few easy things like cut veggies and hummus for those emergency eating times!

4.  Water.  My goal (I’ve been told Martinis and Wine don’t count…..what??) is to drink at least 32 oz of water a day.

5.  Have a Treat!  I’m a HUGE fan of dessert.  Have a bite or two when the craving hits.  No guilt.  Just “reset”  and begin again.  I really do NOT like the “deprivation” thing……But, I do realize that the festive 3 lb. slice of Bavarian Cream Pie I ingested during the

Thanksgiving holiday was pushing things a bit:(  Fruit with almond butter dipped in a little dark chocolate would have been a good choice………..

6.  Understanding the “Why”.  Fueling your body with good nutrients makes you FEEL BETTER.  period.  Try to remember, it’s not the number on the scale but, how you feel and the energy you have eating well that keeps you motivated to eat cleanly.

7.  NO guilt.  EVER.  If you are going to eat a really great treat, ENJOY it.  Simply make your next choice a better one!



Rosanna “Bavarian”


xoxo, Rosanna
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