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MANDATORY Christmas Gift (Ages 5+) CORRECTED

Interactive Fingerling Monkey

I am pretty sure that both the “Elf on the Shelf” and I have heard mention (read: begging) of this creature more than 5,000 times during the past few months.  It’s the ONLY thing Missy K can think about……I mean, beds have been made over this thing….

So, if you need one teeny but crucial stocking stuffer this year…..The Fingerling Interactive Monkey is it!  It comes in a ton of colors and even has a Unicorn version for those not saturated in “monkey love”.  You can hold it (or, it can hold onto you), talk to it and it will react to your voice.  PLUS, there are thousands (sure feels like it) of accessory options for your new pet.  Missy K has already named her (she is just coated in confidence) new friend.  Please know she has not been told the S-Man will bring it!!!  Nonetheless, we have a name.  She has “mentioned” she loves the pink or blue one and, if the S-Man has run out of those…..then, ok….she’ll settle for the Unicorn.  Talk about pressure…….

Bottom line:  These Fingerling Pets are super cute and fit the bill for the GOOD boys or girls on your list!

Happy, Happy Holidays!



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