Crucial Marketing Tips You Must Use…

Crucial Content Marketing Tips

Some people may hate the term, but there’s no doubt that content marketing has caught on big time. 

As many people point out, there isn’t anything especially new in the concept of using content to attract customers, but what’s new is that content marketing roles are being created, and teams are being restructured.

Content is becoming more tactical as a result.

Here’s a selection of 6 of the best content marketing tips…

Define your target audience before you start to produce content

Think about audiences rather than customers. The aim is to produce content that is compelling, but also aligned to your brand.

Create a style guide

We can argue about the intricacies of grammar, but what’s important is consistency, and this is where a style guide comes in.

Learn to reuse and repurpose content

We principally create articles, but you should also think about how your content can be adapted and reused to fit other formats.

Aim for evergreen content

We use the term evergreen content a lot, as this is the kind of content we aim to produce most of the time.

Gap Analysis

Looking for the gaps on Google is something the content marketer should do to identify valuable search positions that you do not currently own, and steer the content producers in the right direction.

Make the most of the tools available

There are some useful content marketing tools out there which take some of the hard work out of content generation and aid the brainstorming process.

For example, we have used Google’s Keyword Planner to identify a list of valuable terms and phrases to target in the SERPs.

What tips do you have to make content marketing easier to accomplish?

xoxo, Rosanna
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