Marketing or Selling?

Marketing is a very popular major for many college students, and in their first-year of study, they learn the basics of the industry.  But, a great deal of confusion swirls around the health industry as to what exactly is the difference between marketing, selling, and advertising.

Selling is centered around plans and tactics of trying to get the customer to pay for your services.

Marketing is primarily concerned with the much more sophisticated strategy of trying to have what the customer or patients want.

If you look at these definitions, you can see very clearly that selling focuses on the need of the seller, whereas marketing focuses on the need of the buyer.

A marketing-oriented office provides value-satisfying service that patients want.  It also provides not only the product or service, but equally important is how the service is made available.  Extended hours, payment options, insurance assistance, an updated and modern facility, cutting-edge procedures, and painless (as much as possible) treatment are a few of the way the service is made better.

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xoxo, Rosanna
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