7 Small Things That Steal Your Happiness


It’s THE most talked about topic on the planet! It’s something different for each of us. It might be reading a great book on a rainy/snowy day in front of the fireplace, or slaying your work day or workout. Happiness is a feeling – happiness is a decision. I think happiness is something we often overcomplicate.

The key to happiness seems to be in the things we do every day. It’s not some elusive, magical land only a few of us get to experience. It’s formed with daily habits which can either make us miserable or bring us joy. More laughs, love and gratitude. Happiness is something YOU create. We’ve come up with 7 items we feel can steal your “happy ‘tude”:

Ending a relationship is never easy. It’s even more difficult when you care about the other person, but their actions hurt you and they don’t appear to notice or care. Our relationships should be a two-way thing. If all you do is give, and receive nothing in return, other than emotional dumping and frustration, it’s definately time to move on. As hard as this may be, it can also be one of the most freeing things you can do for yourself!
Take time to re-evaluate your relationships and don’t be afraid to “edit” your life – relentlessly. A great pal gets just as excited about your things as you do. Choose wisely.

Not everything is about you and not everyone is going to love you. If you give someone attitude at the coffee store it doesn’t mean you did anything wrong. Maybe the reason people are being short or rude is that they are having a truly rough day. They may be coping with an issue you have no idea about. And, if someone does make you feel like you’ve done something wrong? Don’t overthink it. Don’t allow them to dictate your feelings.
A hard lesson to learn for all of us….you cannot be everyone’s cup of tea – and that is totally fine:)

Do you spend most of your time thinking about things that align with your goals and dreams? For some bizarre reason, we tend to chat about things we don’t like or want much more than things we DO want. Pay attention to what you say. Talk more about the things you love and want, things you find inspiring or motivating.
Don’t fall into the trap of constantly discussing everything that’s negative in our lives. Veer away from talking about things you do not want to happen to you!

Learn to guard your speech – that includes the stuff in your head. If you have a bad day, didn’t complete a project, forgive yourself. Stop putting yourself down for every little thing that doesn’t go perfectly. At the end of the day, celebrate all of your small victories. They will bring you closer to your ultimate goals.

Ok. This is one of my biggest issues! I tend to put things off until they are PERFECT. It’s a load of crap. There is no such thing. No such moment exists. Get over it now.
I’ve known people who’ve spent their entire life waiting to start something. Year after year, goals and dreams are unmet….they remain dreams and unfinished business. If there is something you’ve always wanted to do or try….get out and do it NOW! period. Take small steps and move forward.
Don’t let another year pass…Don’t have ZERO days. Allow yourself to take one small step that propels you into action. Now you’re moving:)

This is a huge part of our discussion about “learning to flow with life.” We hold onto worries, past failures, fearing change…
don’t put your energy into things that feed into your worry or fear. Learn to accept challenges for what they are, instead of reacting with anger and fear. Learn to flow and stop resistance. Challenges help you grow and learn – they allow you to see how strong you are. Don’t let needless worry and fear take over. You are much braver than you think.

You cannot live your own fabulous life when you constantly focus on someone else’s life. I think this resonates with all of us constantly looking at our Instagram feed with it’s perfect lighting and perfect moments. By comparing yourself to others, you fail to be fair to yourself. You look beyond your achievements and guess that someone else’s life is better.
How do we know that?
We guess. We don’t see a complete picture of those we’re watching so, we fill in the blanks and imagine they have a better scenario. It’s the old “grass is always greener” syndrome.
The key is to remember: Comparisons add NO value to your life. Try to practice appreciation. It’s not easy, but when you see someone doing something you’ve always dreamed of, think of it as proof that it can be done. Get out there and do it! Let it inspire you rather than paralyze you. Refuse to hear you’re: too old, too late, too young, too inexperienced, not good enough… can do anything. Do something incredible – do it now.

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