5 Crucial Strategies to Patient Attraction

It’s been said that “If you are not on Google, you’re nowhere.”  This little quote rings truer than ever today.

More than 90% of people begin their search for local services online, and Google controls about 75% of the online search market.

Dental and Medical professionals got by with print ads and Yellow Pages ads in the 80’s and 90’s.  Then came the days of the internet, and professionals began to use websites.  Unfortunately, most believed that a great-looking website was all they needed to attract more and better patients.

Being discovered on Google search results requires much more than a high-end website.  That’s why our team has crafted systems taking comprehensive approach to digital marketing, from attracting prospects to getting more new patients in the chair.

Based on experience, here are the five MOST important patient attraction strategies every professional needs.


Most early dental/medical websites were more like digital flyers.  During those early days, it was a novelty to have a website.  The novelty of the digital flyer became routine and the birth of responsive websites began.

The ideal website for the modern dental/medical professional is a fully responsive design.  It allows users to quickly scan web pages and get right to the information they need.  Up to 60% of your potential patients are using their cell phones or mobile devices to get right access bullet points (hours, location,reviews).


The internet is infinite.  It can be overwhelming to try and figure out how to make your presence known.  Websites that effectively use keywords and local search are much more likely to show up higher in Google searches.

A simple rule you can follow: you should focus on one main keyword per content page.  You’ll use the keyword and the location of your practice in the first paragraph of the page and the last.


The first step to the sales process is ATTRACTION.  The potential patient has to know about your practice and see the value in getting more information.  If your site attracts a lot of visitors, but those visitors are leaving the pages within a few seconds – you miss the conversion and must find a way to nurture these visitors.

So, how do you stay relevant while these visitors get the time and content they need to make a decision?  A great way is to provide compelling content and video that shows the benefits of your practice.  You can also include “opt ins” on pages of your site.  Offer downloads of e-books or white papers. Establish a relationship with your followers and they WILL convert to long-term fans of your practice.


Social media can be downright tricky for dental/medical professionals.  It’s not a platform that will convert patients on the spot, but can be essential in building your digital presence.  The key is engagement. Two of the platforms I think are effective are: Facebook and Google Plus.  Of the two, Facebook has more than 200 million followers.  Much too large an audience to ignore!  You can expect 6% organic reach for your posts (and as little as 1%), but you can target certain groups with paid Facebook ads.

Google Plus allows searches to locate more information about your practice, including the basics like location and hours.  Reviews left after visits to your site are  incredibly important component to building your practice.


A marketing system that is never viewed is useless.

Successful dental/medical professionals are using analytic systems to show the effectiveness of each marketing campaign.  Jump in and do a little A/B testing to compare multiple markets.

Phone tracking is another excellent measure of your marketing.  You’d be shocked at how many offices underperform in this area.  Data shows that the average dental office isn’t answering 30-40% of their calls DURING business hours!!  It’s like throwing money down the drain.

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xoxo, Rosanna
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