Gone Fishing

Fresh from lava-land (we were at the viewing area a few minutes prior to the floor of the volcano dropping), we had just a couple of minutes of clearing in the raining weather to take a peek.  Riveting and dangerous…..a must-see when on the Big Island.

I thought I’d share one of our super fun (for all but one of us) days on the water deep sea fishing.

We rented a boat (FireHat with Captain Chuck) and could not wait to catch a 3,000 lb fish (or a minion honestly)!  The excitement was palpable…..the “fighting” chair was explained (nothing more exciting than being strapped into a chair and told to HANG ON) and we climbed up to the bridge to keep watch and wait.  AANNNNDDDDD, waited…..and went snorkeling at Cook’s Cove.  Beautiful fish and coral and fabulous, warm clear water.  And…..waiting.  And eating……and waiting.  After 8 hours of swaying and praying………four weary deflated fishermen slumped off of the boat.

Unfortunately, in spite of numerous fish tales of 975 lb Marlin by Captain Chuck, we were “fish-less”:(  Forced on to more Mai Tai testing on shore.

Pashmina: My own – purchased in Turkey – Rash Guard Swimsuit: Aleumdr 


xoxo, Rosanna
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