Get New Patients From Facebook

With the ever-changing social media landscape, it can be challenging to engage with your potential patients/customers on Facebook.  Are you having trouble engaging YOUR clientele on this platform?  I am asked daily how to build raving fans and engage more new patients/customers using social media.

Basically, people surfing for new resources want to get a “feel” for the person they hope to be seeing professionally.  They want to see what values you share and how they align with both you and your practice/office.  You do the same when considering a purchase, right?  We go to our trusted circle to see who can help us find the best practice/office for our particular needs.

Engaging with your potential patients/customers, online or offline, has the single most impact on sales.

Here are a few steps you can take to attract and engage your following on Facebook.  And, if you get stuck, no worries….we are here to help you make it happen! or leave a comment.

  1.  Get REALLY clear on your marketing goals.  Breakdown the manner in which you want your patients to think about you and your office.  Write down at least six (6) components of your practice that set your practice/office apart.
  2. Commit time, staff, and a budget.  I see many practices/offices hiring a dedicated “social media” manager to create and manage their digital marketing.  Be sure that the person you hire has a LOT of experience in this area, and is comfortable with the interface.  Quality content that drives engagement does not happen automatically.  It take a lot of time and energy.  It needs to be relevant to your audience.  It needs to be fresh.  Whomever you choose will need a lot of information, primarily about the technical side of what you do.  Also, you need a budget for training and Facebook Ads.
  3. Who is your “ideal” patient/client?  What problems can you solve for them? What fun things are happening in your area that they’d want to know about?  What are they interested in?  What can you do to get them to come to YOUR practice?
  4. High-quality content – post consistently.  This can be something you write or content from others that is of interest to your patient/customer.  Posting times DO matter, test and see what works.
  5. Sharing is caring.  Promote and acknowledge local heroes or members of your community, and causes you support.  If your causes have Facebook pages, “like” their page and connect with their community members.

Are these tips helpful?  Have you implemented any of them in your business?  What was your conversion rate?

If you’d like more of these tips, leave a comment for us and we will get them out asap:)  Thanks for stopping by!


xoxo, Rosanna
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