3 Tips and Trends In Staffing for 2018

Your hard work and fabulous attitude have paid off and your company is thriving!  Maybe you’ve decided to hire a Staffing Company to help fill those new staff needs?  Here are a few of  Rosanna Jenkins Inc. favorite 2018 trends and tips you can use when consider staffing resources.

3 Recruiting Tips and Trends for 2018

1. Hiring Volumes Still on the Rise

According to a survey done by Indeed.com, 61% of employers will be hiring more employees in 2018 than they did in 2017. Many businesses are obviously planning to continue growing this year, so the need for your service could be heightened as well.

Companies planning to hire more employees are spread throughout the U.S., so whether you’re staffing company is located in Boston, Seattle or somewhere in between, the numbers will still be expected to rise.

2. Implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software for Recruiting

Because hiring volumes will be increasing in 2018, the use of AI to help recruiters will most likely rise as well. AI can be used to save recruiters time and make it easier to enter information. AI software can assist with screening resumes, contacting potential candidates automatically and helping your team stay on the same page with numbers and statuses of prospective candidates.

Ask staffing companies if they are currently using this type of software.  Not all recruiters can afford it at present.

3. Focus on the Candidate Experience

While this should always be a trend for your staffing agency, make it a priority in 2018 if you want to be successful. According to the same Indeed survey, employers find it to be more difficult to fill entry-level positions compared to executive level, which is why they hire recruiters or staffing agencies to do it for them. Many of the candidates that will fill these positions are recent graduates or millennials, and the importance of a smooth running experience is crucial to this group of individuals.

Recruiters need to be sure they’re keeping candidates updated with the status of their application, what to expect next in the process, and basically be available to answer any questions at any time. Make sure recruiters that you have working for your staffing company are the best of the best to deliver this type of customer service in 2018.   Leave a comment if you’d like our list of BEST QUALITIES FOR YOUR RECRUITER.

Do you use a staffing company?  Have you had positive experiences with candidates attained through a staffing company?  Would you like more information on these types of topics?


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