Make Better Decisions

I don’t know that smart people make better decisions because they have a higher IQ.  They make smarter decisions, according to research, because they do the following:

Dump The Unimportant Decisions.  Simply, if a decision doesn’t have impact on your work, relationships or resolve, remove it immediately from consideration.  Think about Apple.  It’s CEO chose to wear the same outfit every day to cut down on energy wasted by picking out clothing.  Might not be that crazy or fanatic after all, right?

Focus on Long-Term Choices.  Decisions are not good or bad.  They are long-term or short-term.  For maximum success, focus on long-term.

Look for the non-confirming evidence.  My tendency is to look for information that supports my decisions.  This may be the biggest roadblock to making sound decisions.  Research all aspects of the question.  You will make a much more informed decision.

ZZZZZZ.  The 2017 study published by Annals of Neurology says that sleeping less than the recommended amount impairs judgement and can impede decision making.  Tired brains make bad choices.  Go to sleep!



xoxo, Rosanna
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