Slow Burn

As a SoCal girl, I grew up on the beach and in the sun. We spent the summer days lolling in the sand and lathering on the Ban de Soleil. In those days we certainly weren’t aware of the potential risk of skin cancer. It was all about “who has the best tan”!  Let’s face it, tan looks healthy, right?!!

The CDC says that skin cancer is the most common type of cancer. Here are a few tips for protecting your skin while you are at the beach, on the course, skiing (particularly in the high altitude and sunny days of Colorado) or just being outside.

Use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Apply it before you head outside and reapply every few hours and sooner if you will be in the water.  Ideally, my dermatologist says I should apply it every morning after my normal skin care routine.  She also loves the idea of putting it on the back of your hands.  I love SkinCeuticals Sun Screen because it doesn’t feel slimy or thick.  Another fave here.

Cover exposed areas.  Wear a hat or visor – wide brimmed hats are stylish and add protection – and limit the time when skin is exposed. There are many swimsuits and shirts that have some UV protection. Wear sunglasses – I love big glasses.

Have your PCP do regular skin checks.  If you are suspicious about a mole or have seen texture or color changes, seek out a Dermatologist.

You don’t have to avoid heading outside, just take a few precautions.  Enjoy a great summer!


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