Where is Your Happy Place?

Questions to Ask Yourself

Each one of us will have a different happy place. How do we find it?

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Where is the one place that makes me feel worry-free, and alive?

2. Where is the one place that makes me feel like my problems are minimal and only temporary?

3. Where is the one place that gives me a “positive attitude”?

4. Where is the one place that I can completely and fully be myself without any judgement, criticism, and negativity?

5. Where is the one place that makes me smile from ear to ear without any reason at all?

6. Where is the one place that reminds me, life is so just great and it’s good to be alive?

Your happy place is the place where you feel like you’re in heaven. It’s peaceful. It makes you appreciate everything that you currently have in life. It makes you remember your struggles are only minimal and temporary. Your happy place could be your bedroom, your office, the park, the museum, an ice-cream shop, or in my case, it’s Vail in the winter.

All stress is lifted away.  I feel ten times lighter. All of my stress melts into appreciation for what I have. For some people, it might sound crazy to drive 1.5 hours, so I could be in my happy place.  For me, the offramp at East Vail transforms the grumpy mess into a  happy, and overjoyed human.   I’m not always able to grab a get-away in Vail but, when the time is right I take full advantage.

If you ever feel like you are suffocating, go to your happy place. It doesn’t have to be 6 hours away; it could simply be a walk around the neighborhood or a bike ride to the park. You’re the only one that knows where your happy place is. Remember, this is your place — it’s where you not only feel happy but also safe.

Don’t let your negativity win. It wants you to think you don’t have control, but you do. Recognize it and take care of it. You have more power than you think.  Choose happy!

xoxo, Rosanna
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