Venice, Italy

The Grand Canal – first thing you see when you arrive in Venice

There comes a point where everyone in your family has pretty much what they want or need.  So……..we decided to give an “experiential” gift this year.  We are spending three plus weeks in Europe with children and grand children.  Italy is up first.  These black Gondolas are SO much a part of Venice that you see one and know immediately where the pic was taken.  When first families started to take people around the canals back in the 1600’s, they were all different and very colorful.  The government decided that things were getting a bit competitive and out of control with the decoration and mandated that ALL Gondolas be the same black lacquer color in order to work in the city.

One of the coolest details about Venice is the lack of cars.  The kids were enthralled with the idea that everything is done on the waterways.

Missy K (Kendall) loves water and loves riding the water taxis.  We took a private taxi to our destination, The San Clemente Palace.  It’s an amazing property on a private island.  It began life as a monastery and as time passed it was turned into a lush, tropical compound complete with tennis courts, a Church and pool area.  They even have a running trail around the island that is 2.0 miles.

The San Clemente Palace island as you approach by sea.

legendary Murano glass

This is a part of the old hotel dock……

Have you been to Venice?  What were your favorite things to see?  Will you go again?

Follow us as we travel through Europe!  We’d love to meet you.




xoxo, Rosanna
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