An Entire COW!

While in Florence, we discovered that the city is famous for their beef.  I’m not a huge meat-eater, but had to try their Florence Steak before leaving.  We headed over to the Duomo area of town and began the hunt for the restaurant.  This part sounds weird…..the city is a series of twisting alleys and walkways.  The address numbers rarely give a hint as to where you are…….

After a bit of searching, we arrived.  So much for our beloved Google Maps!

L’Toscani 3 was a narrow restaurant that led to a staircase heading downstairs.

The interesting thing about this venue is that everything is recycleable!  The plates, which look like heavy copper, are actually a biodegradable material.  They are one of a rapidly emerging trend of recycling in Europe.  Most private homes in Florence follow suit and use massive underground disposal areas to get rid of their trash.  Our VRBO had lots of recycling bags in it’s kitchen.

The food here was amazing….the platters just kept coming out!  They also featured a table full of local wines.  You just stroll around the wine assortment, pick the one you want to try and enjoy.  The waitstaff was fabulous and needless to say, we all left waddling.

Mange. Bevy. Mange.

Off to the gym IMMEDIATELY!!!!!


xoxo, Rosanna
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