London – The Basics

The traditional changing of the guard is done at exactly 11:30 am every day.  It’s very popular (read: crowded) with tourists and you need to get there early in order to see any of what is going on.  It is dramatic and full of English formality.  New in the past few years are the female guards!

The Changing of The Guard

Our next stop was The Eye.  A must if you’ve not been  to London.  Hint:  Do not buy “reserved” time ticket.  Pricey and deceptive.  What they really mean is that you can join the existing line at that exact time.  No benefit.  Pay for the “fast track” ticket and whiz through the line!  Definitely worth the cost.


Next up, a cruise down the river……as you can see, the whole of London is under construction…..cranes everywhere!

xoxo, Rosanna
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