Oh la la Paris!

Our next stop is one of my favorites!  The City of Lights….Paris.  In the past, we’ve stayed in hotels.  This time, a VRBO in the city.  The location was super convenient….we could walk to the Eiffel Tower….and the local market!  It was the prototypical French Cottage complete with amazing garden and climbing roses.  The negative, a bit tight for our group.

These days the Eiffel Tower is undergoing some security changes…..a 20′ tall lucite wall is being constructed around it. Just awful!
The city was full of scooters!

Marais’ streets are full of these indoor boutiques. They make walking by IMPOSSIBLE
outdoor water art installation
Street performers…
It appears I have a “thing” for doors….

We arrived Rainbow Weekend.

It seems all of Europe is under renovation….the spire is being repaired here

Missy K HAD to have the “have a fun day in Paris” fan to combat the heat! That face!!!!!
These cute taxis were everywhere…off to Sacre Couer.
xoxo, Rosanna
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