What Do You Look For ?

What do you look for when you visit a friend’s home or office and go into their “powder room”?  Everyone has something they feel is mandatory to the well-dressed bathroom.  What is the first thing you look for?

Bathrooms are usually overlooked in the list of ‘things to get ready before a party,’ but they’re also where guests spend the most time solo, so a well-prepared bathroom indicates the host knows what he or she’s doing! Whenever there’s a lit candle, nice linen hand towel, and fancy soap, I take notice (and try to remember to do the same at my own house or office!). And little details go a long way, like having a subtle container of tampons or a room spray.  A toothbrush / toothpaste or razor is a nice touch.  Bonus points if there’s a speaker in the bathroom playing the same music as the main entertaining or office space—this may sound funny, but having music in the bathroom truly ties the entire space / party together and keeps the good vibes going!

What is your favorite way to make visitors feel welcome when in your space?

xoxo, Rosanna
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