1901 Home Front Porch Freshen Up

Okay, full disclosure…..this is the type of thing that happens when I am NOT traveling or hanging out with Missy K.  You see it coming, right?  I’m walking Dolce and notice that this part of the house is looking like I’m feeling today – just under the “shiny / perky” mark (waaaay under).  So, off to Home Depot!  Shockingly, they let me in……don’t ask….it’s an entire “chain saw” thing……..

My house was originally built in 1901.  It has since undergone at least three (3) renovations.  As you can see here the once cute cement trim and front porch have morphed into a slightly “organ” colored mess.  I’m thinking darker gray cement (of course its the one day that is NOT hot and fabulous for this type of project:) to liven things up a bit.  But, while I’m waiting for the cement stain to be mixed……..I start to consider a bigger improvement.  I begin to wonder if HD provides a “play area” for adults who are easily distracted……SPOILER ALERT:  my chicken mailbox is staying.  He is well-known in my neighborhood.

What makes this whole thing more amusing is that if any of you were to ask people who know me if I “do” renovations, you’d hear the laughter until you reached the Colorado border!!!!  Seriously.  But, after watching HGTV for 28 minutes, I am ready to create (or rip something down).  And, I am considering some sort of fashion tool belt this year.

I am going to reveal my little “refresh” at the end of the week (providing its still here with forecast of rain and hail).  Here is another shot of the “organ” colored cement……

This one includes my pink Nikes.


Behr Premium Concrete Stain in Industrial Gray


xoxo, Rosanna
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