Durable Mothers

Ok, so I think we’ve all heard that line “life just comes at ya……”.  Heads up!  I am getting a big old dose of it lately.   I don’t normally share the “grittier” side of things – I feel everyone has enough of their own “stuff” without reading about someone else’s drama.   However, too much caffeine on a restful Sunday morning has me feeling like Kathy Lee Gifford after several glasses of wine (no judgements Kathy……trust me, my wine glasses are gathering NO dust!)

I was chatting with my mother on the phone in Reno/Tahoe area last Friday afternoon about the upcoming holidays and whether or not she would be visiting Colorado.  Out of the blue there is a HUGE noise….then silence.  I called out to her a couple of times and she finally responded.   (*NOTE:  my mother’s calls normally last 1 – 2 hours….we were only about and hour and 10 minutes into this one)  She was barely coherent and crying.  I asked if she was hurt….”no, I just need a moment to collect myself…..” was the response.  Then, are you bleeding? response:  insert a slight “slurping” sound here…..”no, I am absolutely NOT bleeding…don’t know why you are asking!”  Ok.  I loved it that even injured and semi-lucid she can still get to her cell phone.  After about 10 minutes, I make an executive decision and call 911 in her area.  (PS.  for all of the negative press these guys take about time answering and lack of helpfulness, they connected me in seconds to her local 911 line! Thanks again 911 Reno/Tahoe).  Help was on the way.

I booked the next flight and called her neighbor.  I was still on the phone with mother when her friend arrived…all I heard was “OMG!”.  Not the most calming thing to hear when you are two hours away by plane.  FYI just in case you find yourself in a similiar situation:)

Fast forward…..my flight is delayed for 2 hours.  I arrive at the Reno International Airport at 2 am.  I look like I’ve been dragged behind a wild horse.  And, I had the “World’s MOST Interesting Man” sitting (and endlessly talking about how extremely fabulous he was……for the entire flight!)  On to mother’s house.  The entry looked like the latest episode of CSI Crime Scene……the only thing missing was the “body outline” in masking tape.  Enough said……there definitely was some bleeding……

Mother had surgery and is now the proud owner of a pacemaker…….if you call her she will show you her incision and Pacemaker Membership Card.   What I love the most is her profound ability to make everything seem normal under the most serious of circumstances.  We’ve been laughing for a week now about the adamant denial when asked whether or not she was bleeding (and the Terminator-like sounds she made trying to talk on the phone).  Then, I love the fact that she’s knocked dingy by her fall and yet, able to continue a telephone conversation!  And, quite audibly shouting at the paramedics about cutting off her clothes and “these are my favorite jeans….they are not that easy to find these days….”.  She is now resting here in Denver and is quite a nice shade of lime green with purple overtones…….


  1.  Be sure someone has a key to your loved one’s home.  You need instant access in case of  emergency!  My mother feels that anyone (other than family) should undergo a full-blown FBI check prior to having any sort of access.
  2.  Have a current list of medications and/or treatments he/she is taking or undergoing.  Mother felt she really didn’t want to admit to “too many” meds………
  3.  Know that its OK to drink heavily and / or spend large blocks of time in the airplane restroom if you get the “talker” in the next seat.


KEY WORDS:  Resilence & Humor



xoxo, Rosanna
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