Front Porch Update

Earlier this month, after bingeing on HGTV (this may work into quite a problem, I seem to think everything can be done in 28 minutes) I decided to jazz up the front porch of my 1901 house.   When the stamped concrete was first done it was SOOOOOO cute!  Now, with sun, snow, sun, snow (you get the idea) it’s faded into a light pink “organ” looking mess.  So, time to perk it up!

First up, an “etching” formula/cleaner to make sure the concrete/wood was ready for the paint.  I used Eco-Etch Pro Cleaner  .  I chose this product because it’s non-toxic……my Frenchie, Dolce licks EVERYTHING….enough said.  I used a paint roller to apply and let it dry overnight before applying the second coat.

PS.  If you look closely, this has some pretty serious “grooves” in the pattern……I vacuumed the mystery stuff out with a shop vac (am I sounding a little “Joanna Gaines” right now???! heehee)

This one includes my pink Nikes (my fave running shoe here).

Next came measuring and taping.  I decided on a 6″ border all around the porch by the front door.  I used  a 2.5″ white stripe on the steps for interest (and because I am insanely addicted to stripes).  Here is what I learned…..I bought the Blue Painter’s Tape because I’ve seen it used before and was familiar with the brand.  When I pulled the first tape up to see the border, I noticed that the edges were not “crisp” but a bit “jiggley” (is that even a word?!).  It was most likely a “pilot error” thing but, I went back down to Home Depot ( I’m pretty sure my photo is up in the Employee’s Lounge…..not in a good way….) and asked the paint man what most of the painters were using…..Frog Tape.  It WORKS!!!  Perfect, clean lines…..even on concrete!

I may have gotten carried away with the tape……just a little something to share…..I painted the first layer of black paint only to find my UPS man’s footprints in it the next morning.  Because I am on the edge of needing a support group for my Amazon addiction and the UPS man delivers…….I think you see where I am going here.  I simply put up a note and tape barrier the next day.  Learning as we go here.

In doing this project, I’ve also noticed I need to call the stucco man….I may have turned the power washer up just a tad too high….eeeeks!  I am newly addicted to power tools and could use some supervision.

Here it is (note the smudges of bird poop….just as I am snapping the shot….) just beginning to show it’s fall colors.  I cannot believe it’s already the end of August.  So many projects…so little time.

I’m finishing final clean up of edges and bottom today. And, adding some more fall color…keep you posted!

I’d love some cute suggestions about Fall decor….leave a comment below.

Have a great day today!

PS.  Here is my next “reno” project……

just kidding…..Big Ben was going through it’s own “freshen up” when we visited London in June.





xoxo, Rosanna
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