3 Ways to Cut Sneaky Sugar and Lose Weight

Are you working out like crazy and still not losing weight?  So very frustrating!  It might just be your diet and sugar intake that’s to blame. It’s the large amount of sugar in the food that you eat that affects your health and makes you gain more weight (not what we are looking for!!!).  At first, it may seem impossible to cut sugar out of the foods you eat while attempting to lose weight.  Once you begin to read labels (its not the most fun thing – but, will help you shed pounds MORE than you can  imagine) you will be shocked at how much sugar in lurking in foods you thought were pretty “clean”.

Below is a list of  simple ways to clean up your sugar intake. They’re easy to implement, give excellent results, and will make your life so much healthier. So check them out and comment below with any ideas I’ve left out.

Learn Sugar’s “secret” Names:

Sugar hides under some sneaky names. They often use names like fructose, corn syrup, molasses, agave, maple syrup, and some I cannot even pronounce or spell for that matter.  This book has some great nutritional content information.

If several sugars appear on the label, it’s an indication that the food is less healthy than you may think.  When in doubt while shopping, google it!

Get Rid of Treats In Your House:

One of the easiest ways to cut down on your sugar intake is by keeping all your sweet treats away from your house. This includes your all-time favorites like Oreos, chocolate bars, gummy’s, candies, and ice cream.

If I can see them on the shelf,  it’s highly likely that I will get into them at some point.  I find that the minute I get hungry and have nothing healthy to snack on…….I gorge on goodies.   So get rid of them and stock your pantry with clean foods.  Again, if you are struggling with “clean” choices, reach out and we will help with resources.

Cut The Bubbles – Soda is OUT:

Even though soda companies offer diet, zero sugar, or a light options,  they still contain artificial sweeteners that contribute to weight gain.  This is a painful one for me…..I am a known Coke Zero / Diet Coke addict.  So, hearing that I had to cut this bit of “deliciousness” from my life was awful.

Be careful of substituting fruit juice for your soda addiction.  It contains a LOT of sugar….not to mention the carb count if you are training and eating low carb.  One thing I discovered this Summer is Pelligrino Water with fresh lemon or lime and ice. They don’t contain sugar and are calorie free as well.  Yay!

Is Darker Better?:

Chocolate is a favorite of many, and dark chocolate is such a great (and tasty) alternative to milk and white chocolate (in moderation of course – sooooo hard, right?!).

Feeling light-headed and hangry?  Try 2 oz of dark chocolate to quell your hunger.  This was a little fact posted in the Harvard Medical Journal…….we knew they were smart, right?!  You are welcome! heehee

Whether you are limiting sugar for weight loss or just to eat healthier, these ideas will help you cut sugar intake and can even inspire you to live a healthy life.  You are not going to believe how easy this is once you get started.

Last weekend I took a peak at a friend’s flavored beer cocktail… had more than 22 grams of sugar per serving!  Eeks!

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