Caffeine On Steroids

I try to eat a balanced, low fat/low carb diet.  That being said, I am obsessed with my morning coffee. PERIOD. Non-negotiable… giving it up…..MUST have it.  No matter where in the world I might be…….

I recently began using an app that measures my protein/carbs and macros.  I was over my allocation of fat and sugar EVERY DAY….how was that possible???!!  I was logging every little thing into my app and still getting the same results.  Super frustrating.  I found what looked like a great substitute online.  I ordered it immediately and waited impatiently for it to arrive.

First and foremost, the bottle was a mere 4 oz!!!  That should last me about ONE morning.  The search began again.

Finally, a solution with Devotion Nutrition (they also have these tricky sticks of different flavors – all ZERO calorie).  They make flavors that actually taste good and are “clean”.  I use their Angel Food Protein Powder to make my morning Latte and it’s amazing.  If you are having this same struggle, try this simple recipe:

Coffee on Steroids:

1/2 Scoop Devotion Nutrition Angel Food Protein Powder

4 – 6 oz piping hot water

Mix in high speed blender and pour over your hot coffee.  It makes this yummy creamy topping (hence the name Latte).

The bonus to this treat is 20 grams of protein / no sugar / no carbs!  You are welcome.


Use CODE: rosanna10 and save some money!

xoxo, Rosanna
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