Give the Gift of Health

I cannot think of one thing that is more IMPORTANT to living well after 60 than good health as a result of consistent movement. But, with so many fitness choices on the market, which one makes the most sense?

One option is to pick a gift that relates to a sport or workout program that your friend is currently doing or, would like to start doing.  If you just don’t know what they are into….. gentle yoga DVDs are a great option!  Everyone can do them.  And, if your friend has any back issues……this is THE exercise for them!

Simply put, gentle yoga is an easy and effective way to get someone moving or support their current flexibility journey.  I’ve noticed when chatting with pals these days that most are dealing with joint issues, back issues and knee or shoulder problems.  I think all BB’s (Baby Boomers) are at once too stubborn and too busy to sit in their local doctor’s office for these issues (unless they are in agonizing pain – hope not!)  Or, we are all in denial……..more likely! heehee

I have tried several types of Yoga classes (I’m the one chatting with everyone through the pose). I wish someone had surprised me with  yoga DVDs for my birthday (or anyday for that matter).  I wouldn’t have that darn poster notice up at my favorite Yoga Studio… name may be featured…….don’t ask.  I love having the freedom to run through a 30 minute workout without having to start my car…….you may be saying “why is that such a big deal…..”  see below

This really happened while driving to the gym last week……….the road is a dangerous place!  Workout at home!


What types of fitness gifts have you given to your friends?  What is the number ONE gift on your wish list?


xoxo, Rosanna
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