#New Face of 60 – Someday….


#New Face of 60 – Someday….

SOMEDAY Is NOT a Day in the Week!

Are you working, taking care of others, working more?  Can you think of the last time you had some serious FUN?  Does that fall into your “someday” plan – maybe when you retire or have more time and money?  What if that never happens?

My thinking is that we all need to invest the time and energy right now to figure out what is important to us and how to carve out time for that in the middle of our crazy lives.

This summer, we took our kids and grandchildren to Europe for the month of June.  It was SO much fun!  Hard to get me back on the plan when the trip ended….. but, one thing we heard 100 times was “someday”.  People would ask what the occasion was for our fun, family travel.  We replied, “we really wanted to be in our Missy K’s first Europe trip….”.  They would say, “someday I want to do something like that……”.

The thing is, my mother and millions of people just like her have discovered the hard way, someday is not a day in the week.  You may not always have the health to accomplish what you want to accomplish.  As author Paul Coelho says, “One day or day one”.  It is a decision you must make.

We did a little You Tube Video on this from the Happy Place today (see it here).  My hope is to encourage people to see that this is Day One of the rest of their lives.  Choose something that falls into the “someday” category for you and jump in.  Leave a comment below if you feel comfortable in sharing what the “adventure / someday” thing is and what you think your challenges in getting it done might be.  I am sure there are others out there that could benefit from your thoughts and experience.

If this resonates with you, share it with a couple of your friends!  I look forward to chatting with you.



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