4 Style Suggestions When You Want To Look Better, NOT Younger

The new saying is that 60 is the new 40….but what in the heck does that look like??!  How is ANY age supposed to look?  I think it suffices to say that this is a great time to be a grown-up.  But, you DO have to put some effort into it.

Nora Ephron wrote in her sixties about her grooming saying she’d suddenly realized that she was only about eight hours a week of self-maintenance away from looking like a bag lady.

So here’s a short list of don’ts for sixty-somethings:

  1.  Yellowing teeth – Get them whitened, but not too much.  It will knock 10 years off, rather than blind your assailants.  If the cost is not in your budget, try Crest Whitening Strips.
  2. Dated shoes –  Don’t know what happens here….the old kitten heels and super long toes are dated.  Now that flats are so cute, it’s a shoe for everyone.  And, leopard is ALWAYS good.
  3. Stray grays – Make sure to check your eyebrows and, OMG! your chin.  Get rid of it!
  4. Limp sweaters – Nondescript billowing cardis are hard to pull off.  Bold, well-chosen prints or solids speak of confidence.

Do any of these resonate with you?  How many apply to your life today?  What did we miss?

xoxo, Rosanna
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