The Success Routine

Nothing like a great book PERIOD. A month ago, I was given the digital (funny….I don’t handle real books anymore… copy of “Make Your Bed” by William McRaven.  It was a small book of maybe 100 pages and a quick read.  I found it very impactful.  It centers on the much-talked about “routine” many uber successful people use today to organize their business and creative lives.

William was a Navy Seal involved in a crushing accident during his service.  What he chose to do with the aftermath of that injury is unexpected and brave.  Make your bed is a very simple title for lessons of life and discipline.  His point, tucked into his amazing and impressive story is….”it all starts with waking up each morning and making your bed.”  What began as a childhood routine had become a touchpoint for his adult life.

This should be a “must” for everyone’s reading list!

Have you read this book?  Used anything in it for your own routine?  Have you heard William speak?

xoxo, Rosanna
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